Mark Eymes Joins GSI

‘Eymsey’ comes with many years industry experience. Image: Daily Telegraph

Global Surf Industries is pleased to announced that Industry stalwart Mark Eymes has joined GSI to work along side Matt Harbour in developing GSI’s Account Management strategy for Australia. The position was created due to Jamie Willems deciding he wanted to pursue a career in Real Estate after 10 1/2 years with Global Surf Industries.

Mark has a long history in the industry working on both sides of the retail counter as well as being regularly featured as contribution journalist for Australian Surf Business Magazine in more recent times. Over the past couple of years Mark has been a test pilot for much of GSI’s product development riding many prototypes and providing feedback to the designers.

GSI’s CEO and Founder, Mark Kelly, said this of Mark joining GSI. “You would be hard pressed to find a person of whom our company mantra – Life is better when you surf – does not fit better than Mark Eymes. The kicker for GSI is Mark’s knowledge of the industry and network of friends he has built up over decades. I’ve always found Mark to be a hard working, knowledgable guy who wants to make a positive difference, he will fit perfectly into the culture at GSI and help provide our customers with great advice and service”.

Mark Eymes said of his new role, “Surfing and the surf industry have been very kind to me throughout my life and the latest opportunity for me to work after 28 years in retail for Global Surf Industries is amazing. To work with GSI is a privilege as I have been a long time customer and recently a test pilot for their new surfboard designs in the 7S program. I believe in their products and approach to business and have the added bonus of working with long time friends.”

To be paid to sell surfboards to the many excellent retailers throughout Australia of which many are also long time mates, talk about surfboards, go surfing and travel Australia is incredible.”

In the new year GSI will be opening a showroom in Sydney to help retailers see the full GSI range in one place.

*Feature image by Aquabumps.

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