Mick Fanning Launches Signature Softboard Brand

Mick Fanning has dipped his toe into something new – Soft Boards. You might have seen MF Softboards pop up on your Instagram feed a few weeks ago, and judging by his other business interests which include Balter Brewing and Mick Fannings Rip Curl store in Coolangatta, this one is also bound to succeed.

Heres what you need to know.

The gentleman involved in the business with the 3 x world champ are Adam Jones and Mark Mathews.

It goes without saying that Mick is the head of product development, working on shapes, models and giving direction on graphics etc . Also not bad having someone like Mick product test the boards on the long walls of Snapper Rocks prior to the quiver going to production.

Big wave charger, Mark Mathews is looking after marketing and promotions with social media the primary focus of early phases of the launch. Between Mick (1 Million) and Mark (229k), the pair have a solid foundation to start with on Instagram. Theres also the 40 + samples that are going out to some key influencers in the surfing world… think Steph Gilmore, Chris Hemsworth and the reigning world champ, John John Florence.

Adam Jones is looking after national sales for Australia through his agency, Full Circle Agencies. Adam has been on the road focussing on indent sales ahead of the first deliveries which will be October for NSW and QLD customers, with the second drop going out nationally in December. The boards will also via available via the brands website once product lands in Australia this October.

Retail price points range from $348 AUD to $620 AUD with margin around the 30% – 40% mark for retailers. (more detail below)

There are 4 models (with a few fin variations) in the MF Softboards range to kick it off.

The Surf School Edition – which as the name suggests is the perfect craft for tourists, mum’s and the growing surf school movement across the country. Ranging in size from 7’0 to 9’0 with varying volume between 50.5l and 88.71l, the Surf School Edition comes with standard through-board soft fins and bumpers on the nose and tail. RRP $420 AUD – $481 AUD.

The Beastie – The fun board with enough length and plenty of volume for getting into all types of waves – also a good alternate to a longboard. Sizes from 6’0 to 9’0 and priced between $462AUD and $620AUD and includes the FCS 11 Soft Flex tri set fins, or $349 AUD to $486 AUD for the through-board soft fin option.

Little Marley – It’s the one Mick was photographed surfing at…Little Marley and it looks like the funnest out of the lot for us. Described as short, wide, fast and fun – it even runs a single/double concave and looks to be Mick’s choice out the gates. Our guess is that this will be the brands best seller. The Little Marley runs in a 5’2 (29l), 5’6 (35l) and 5’10 (43l) with a subtle diamond tail quad and through-deck soft fins, retailing at $348 AUD. The board also comes in a Quad/Tri set-up with FCS11 Soft Flex fins, at $451 AUD.

The Eugene – There had to be a model named after Mick’s alter ego. It’s a replica of a board Mick shaped for smaller days at home. Nice and simple, should be good for kids and those lazy summer days. The Eugene keeps it simple with sizing too – 4’10 (19.04l), 5’6 (27.74l) and 5’10 (33.35l) and all retailing for $429 AUD.

All product carries a manufactures warranty of 60 days from purchase on manufacturing defects. No money back for attempting air reverses in the shore break. Yes, that includes you John John. The warranty also does not cover exposure to excessive heat (so don’t leave them locked up in your car for too long), water absorption due to damage caused to the board, dents or depressions from general use… and the logos will fade after use, thats just how it goes with printing on these types of materials.

Dealer enquires can be made with Adam Jones. e: adam@mickfanningsoftboards.com







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