LEUS Leaps Into Active

Southern California Towel Brand Enters New Category for 2018

California based LEUS is excited to announce the addition of an active collection to their current product lineup. Complimenting their preexisting surf collection, the new segment unrolls the fun for yoga, Pilates, gym workouts and non-sanctioned yet equally sweaty endeavors.

“After disrupting the beach scene with our spin on towels, expanding into another category where people get wet was a natural progression,” said the LEUS design team.

When we heard most of our friends and ambassadors drag their surf towels into the gym and yoga studios, we knew we could bring something better to that space.

“The new segment continues our commitment to bringing our DNA of FUN and IRREVERNCY to a new category that was desperately missing it.”

Tested by yoga instructors, athletes and the LEUS Tribe, including three-time world champion Carissa Moore, the active collection microfiber towels keep it fresh with antimicrobial properties and come in two different sizes—large and small—for covering your yoga mat or floor space while working out. In addition to the collection’s main pieces, LEUS adds a small 100% cotton gym towel for wiping away sweat when you’re on the move. Stimulating in all the right ways, each piece pops with a selection of LEUS’ most popular prints and patterns.

“When the crew at LEUS gave me a ton of cute new towels for yoga, I couldn’t wait to test them in the studio,” says Carissa, LEUS Tribe member.

Between the beach and practicing at Core Power I go through so many towels and I’m so excited to finally have some amazing ones that are workout specific!”

Available in specialty active retailers worldwide, the newest collection arrives on February 1st in North America and March 1st in Europe.


A collective tribe of all day fun seekers, experience makers and pool party crashers linked by a common love of good times—there’s no stamp of approval needed to vibe with our tribe.

Rallying a rowdy mix of photographers, athletes, musicians, artists, and designers to craft our newest lineup, our products demand attention with eye-catching prints and new offerings that beg for adventure. So drop your inhibitions and maybe your clothes too, because everyone knows that fun feels better.

LEUS delivers a diverse collection of products inspired by the elements of life that excite us most. And now, we’re calling on you to join us.


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