Kai Neville, Corey Wilson and Nima Jalali have a new brand

Theres never been a more entrepreneurial age nor a time where the barrier to entry has been lower.  The digital era means young brands can launched globally in an instant and the power of social media means that, if done correctly, the word spreads quickly.  Such has been the case for skin care start up, Salt & Stone.

The new brand is the brain child of a talented group of young men; Kai Neville has established himself as one of the forerunners in the filmmaking world, along with co-founding eyewear brand, Epokhe, while Corey Wilson has cemented himself as a world renown photographer exploring innovative angles and spending time (and shooting) with his close friend, Mick Fanning. Corey splits his time between Australia and the USA.  And Nima Jalali, the influential professional snowboarder from the USA who has worked extensively in the industry.  From features in magazines, to signature snowboards to working on and with numerous brands across the sector including Howl and Deathlens – the three bring a diverse set of skills to the table.

So what is Salt & Stone?

Essentially it a range of skin care products, including sunblock and lip balm that is plant-based, natural, non-toxic, and rich in antioxidant ingredients.

To quote direct from their website:

Find your place.

For some this is found where the sea meets with terra firma, and the rich maritime air carries the symphony of the crashing surf and the clamor of the gulls.

Others discover it in the high country, among towering granite peaks whose tall pines grow forever green, and fill the crisp air with their sweetness.

And for others still, it is revealed within the wilds of the urban jungle, where cultures collide and combine on streets that belong to no one.

This place may be searched for in company, but it must be realized alone. For it is the place inside each of us where we feel most alive, and it is located through our experiences as we traverse bravely across our world.
SALT & STONE is dedicated to these things of wander and wonder.

We create essential skincare products, developed especially for all who are called to explore, escape, and revel in their experiences. We never compromise, and use only the finest plant-based, natural, non-toxic, and antioxidant rich ingredients.

 The result is a superior collection of products that optimize your body and enhance your daily journey.


The brand already has an incredible line up of ambassadors, testament to the influence the 3 founders have. The roster includes a diverse mix of, you guessed it, surfers (Jack Freestone, Owen Wright, Dion Agius and Craig Anderson), snowboarders/skateboarders (Gigi Ruff, Blake Paul and Pat Moore) and filmer/photographers (Tim Swallow, Stephen Venasco) to name a few.

Salt & Stone is already distributed to over 80 stores across the US, and a handful in France and Japan.  The brand is yet to formalise its distribution partner in Australia, but is in talks with a few candidates and aims to deliver to this region in this summer. You can visit the Salt & Stone website here.


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