Surf ResQ Set to Launch

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Three local West Australian surfers have developed a simple solution to a long standing problem for surfers; breaking your leash and dealing with the frustration of not having a back up in the car.

According to the founders, the Patent Pending Surf ResQ is the worlds simplest temporary surf board leash connection device.  The idea was hatched after a trip to Bali where one of the boys snapped his leash 10 minutes into their session at a popular offshore reef.

Michael Sidebottom explains. “Given that we had told our boat operator to pick us up in 3 hours, it was a long and frustrating session where I missed plenty of good waves while I was swimming in to retrieve my board.” From there the team worked on creating a quick and reliable solution to allow the surfer to reconnect the broken leash and continue surfing. Two years later, the Surf ResQ device was designed and developed in Mandurah, just an hour south of Perth, is ready to launch to the public.

We consider our Surf ResQ device similar to that of a spare tyre for your car. We all have a spare tyre on our car, how often we need it varies from person to person, but when you do blow a tyre, you are happy that your spare is there to use.”

“That’s the type of benefit the Surf ResQ device offers. You don’t expect to paddle out and break your leash, but if you do, you’ll be thankful you have a light weight, quick and easy repair solution right there with you”

The Surf ResQ device is extremely simple to use and can be activated in seconds. It’s a temporary repair solution which has been engineered to ensure that the surfer is able to continue surfing without the inconvenience of having to access a replacement leash.

Elaborating further, “the way the device is engineered, a tremendous amount of friction is forced upon the leg rope cord to create sufficient connection. Because the Surf ResQ is a temporary device aimed at prolonging your time in the water and keeping that magic surf session going, we suggest that overuse of the device could result in additional damage to the leash cord, based on the tremendous amount of grip required for the device to work.”

As another clever enhancement to their Surf ResQ device, the three keen surfers have also developed a small pouch which connects to the rail saver on your leash so you can have your Surf ResQ device with you when you need it most – while you’re out in the water surfing.

“We’ve been testing and using the pouch for months now, and we find that its perfect for storing your Surf ResQ device on your board. We all keep one on each board so we know that if we do break a leash, we’ve got our repair solution right there with us, rather than having to paddle in only to find I don’t have a spare leash, because a thrifty mate borrowed one and conveniently forgot to give it back.”

The Surf ResQ product will retail for $19.95 (single), $34.99 (Twin pack) or $29.95 for a Starter pack which includes 1 device and 1 storage pouch). The product will be available in early 2019 from all core surf retailers.

For more information along with sales and distribution enquires – check out the website here


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