Modom and DHD Form Partnership (Updated)

Modom Surf (Modom) and DHD Surf (DHD) are pleased to announce the formation of a partnership to develop and produce surf hardware.

Both DHD and Modom identified strengths in each others businesses and believe the combination of the two will lead to exciting opportunities within the surf hardware category.
DHD CEO, Tony Emerton said,

DHD welcomes the fresh thinking of the talented Modom team. The addition of surf accessories is a logical step for DHD, our growth has allowed us to invest in the partnership and we are excited at opportunities that the category presents”.

Modom CEO, Jack Perry said;

Sharing resources in a competitive industry makes sense, both company’s have great people that are well placed to assist both brands. We have been in informal talks for the last two years and the discussion only became serious in the last six weeks.

“It was great to formalize the partnership in such a short period of time.” Jack went on to say,

The opportunity to work with one of the best shapers in the world, along with the DHD team riders is incredibly exciting. Having that kind of expertise and experience is invaluable as we look to expand on new innovative products and categories”.

The former QS Surfer knows a thing or two about traction. Photo: Modom

Modom will continue to design and develop product from its Torquay headquarters.

The Business of Surf caught up with Jack Perry to find out a little more.

What sparked the conversation about your 2 brands working together?

Like most conversations in the surf industry it started over a beer with Tony and Darren and just snowballed from there.

We share the same values of how we partner with stores and agree on how we would like to be treated if we were a store.

Will product be co-branded? or how will it work?  Or Is Modom designing DHD branded product?

The two brands will continue to run independently, in saying that, the DHD product that we have already produced says “By Modom”.

Modom will continue to develop and update product, different product may suit one brand better than the other.

I guess it allows us to increase our range of products as we see opportunities in the market.

What categories in hardware will you target first?

Its a little early to elaborate on categories, at the moment we are concentrating on producing the best product in our current range.

Will you be looking at duel distribution uptake for both of you? i.e. plugging each other into your respective distribution networks to grow doorways?

The partnership was always looked at as a way to help grow each others businesses so if the opportunity is there to grow sales and distribution we would be stoked.

Do you think the partnership has the ability to cannibalise the Modom business in store? Or do you think it will give you the opportunity for additional sku’s on the wall?

We only see opportunity.

What sort of investment went into the partnership with Modom?

 As I’m sure you can appreciate that is confidential.

What are the key resources you will be sharing across broth brands?

Combining existing resources will allow both brands to invest further into product development.

When will the market see the first fruits of the partnership?

 We are working on a number of projects at the moment, when we feel they are ready to take to market we will do so, no deadlines at this point in time.

What do you both hope to get out of the partnership long term?

A surf business that remains in touch with our followers / customers while developing products that are relevant to the industry.

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