Barton Lynch Joins Team Surf Lakes

Brisbane, Qld: Surf Lakes Holdings Ltd, who is building Australia’s first wave pool, is proud to announce that former professional world surfing champion Barton Lynch has joined the team.

The 1988 world champion, who currently features as a regular commentator on the World Surf League (WSL), is highly regarded within the surfing industry and will commence as a brand ambassador taking immediate effect.

Lynch’s role will be centered on promotion of the Surf Lakes brand during the ongoing roll out of Surf Lakes sites across the globe. With Mark Occhilupo maintaining his position as the face of the brand, Lynch’s communications skills will be used to the full.


Whilst battling it out on the surfing tour in the 80s and 90s, Lynch made his mark as a highly intelligent competitor who surfed with extreme vivaciousness and enthusiasm. As a WSL commentator, he is known for his insights into the minds and strategies of surfers whilst they compete.

Now-aged 54, Barton still thrives on the buzz of chasing and riding waves of all shapes and sizes so he was naturally ecstatic about seeing Surf Lakes become a reality.

In stating why he was excited to join the team, Lynch, who once said in an interview with Tracks Surfing Magazine “… the person winning in surfing is the one having the most fun!”, was more excited about being able to share the “surfing stoke” with as many people as possible.

“The reason for me to get involved with Surf Lakes? While Mother Nature makes some great waves all over the world, to be able to control the environment means that we know that there always be good waves and we can surf whenever we want,” said Lynch with his regular vibrant tone “There is a huge opportunity here to create different levels of waves so there will be something for everyone… and that’s what attracted me.”

When putting on his “competition hat” Lynch was equally as excited about the possibilities of viewing the best surfers in the world taking on the potential 2.4m (8ft) waves that the pool will produce.

“I can’t wait,” he said, “there’ll be an opportunity to play with different formats in consistent predictable conditions. Surfers could attack the pool like snowboarders in a half pipe and we can compare apples with apples. In the ocean it’s always been about wave selection and the person who gets the better waves usually wins. If we take away the “luck factor” of catching the best wave, that’s going to be amazing! I just can’t wait to see this thing become a reality.”

CEO and Surf Lakes Founder Aaron Trevis, was equally excited about Barton’s appointment. As the pool’s construction is well underway, Trevis sees a bright artificial wave future and can see the incredible value that Lynch will bring to the table.

“Having a guy like Barton on the team is very exciting for Surf Lakes. He’s a fantastic communicator and a very intelligent human with great insights into surfing. We see that he will be a great voice for the brand and he will compliment Occy’s amazing input.”

Brisbane-based Surf Lakes has developed concentric wave technology that is able to produce high quality surfing waves that closely mimic ocean waves. Construction of the full-scale demonstration Surf Lake is underway at a secret location in QLD. Surf Lakes technology can produce up to 2,400 high quality surfing waves each hour because every concentric wave produced, breaks on eight reefs situated around the lake. Their plan is to license their technology around the world and build Surf Lakes as standalone surf parks, or incorporate into larger entertainment precincts, such as resorts or theme parks. Surf Lakes was founded in 2015 by former mining engineer, Aaron Trevis.

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