Monsta Surf Launch Crowdfunding Campaign for New Brand

Elise and Cam Greenwood are living passionately


“Victorian Surf Brand Invites Customers To Become Investors In New Brand Through Equity Crowd Funding”

Melbourne, VIC – Popular surf brand Monsta Surf have just launched a $300,000 equity crowdfunding campaign aimed at raising money and building community as they launch a new outdoor brand called, “ZORALI”.

Outdoor wear has been on the rise in Australia and the Monsta Surf team are looking to position themselves as a choice brand for the eco-conscious under 35 market as they rebrand to Zorali with a focus on eco-innovative gear and apparel.

It comes after legal opposition from a multinational corporation, who did not like Monsta Surf using their “Monsta” name. But Founder and CEO, Cam Greenwood [2018 Smart 30 Under 30member], who started the brand out of his parents backyard in 2012, has found great purpose in the midst of the challenge he has faced. “It’s given us an incredible opportunity to reset and dream further.

Engaging the community we have built with the Monsta Surf brand and strengthening our connection with them by inviting them to become investors in Zorali from as little as $100.”

Zorali has been dreamed into existence by Cam and his wife Elise, who has as a background as a designer in the surf industry. For Elise, she believes Zorali is the start of something much greater than them.

For us, this isn’t just about creating quality outdoor gear and apparel. It’s about providing people with a pathway to reconnect with nature, themselves and each other.”

With over 8,000 online customers from over 40 countries and a combined social presence of over 100,000 followers, the Monsta Surf brand is in a prime position to expand their reach as they launch into the rising outdoor industry, where they see a real gap in the Australian market.

Cam believes, “Australian’s understand that you don’t have to define yourself by a single outdoor activity or a single interest, the emotional draw is simply being outside.

To Aussies it’s just a lifestyle… And we wish to stand for this lifestyle.”

With Zorali set to launch in July,  they are offering up to 15% of the company through online equity crowdfunding platform Brichal in an effort to raise capital and to “create a global community of invested brand advocates, who are passionate about seeing positive change for people and our planet.” (

Zorali is now taking Expressions Of Interest and will be offering exclusive rewards and discounts to shareholders as well as other perks including being a part of their “vision builders” team.


Cam Greenwood

Cam Greenwood is the spirited pioneer behind ‘Monsta Surf’ – a business borne from a spirit of adventure and a global vision to inspire people to ‘live passionately’. After starting the business in his parents backyard, the brand now has over 8,000 customers from over 40 countries. But after a legal opposition from a multinational corporation, Cam was inspired to set his sights to new heights as he rebranded the business with his wife, Elise. Together, they dreamed up ‘Zorali’, an eco-innovative outdoor brand with a vision to see people break free from the busy world and reconnect with nature, themselves and the ones around them.

Cam’s goal is to inspire others to step out of what is known and find purpose in the unique adventure they were born to enjoy. He believes everyone has the creativity and power within them to create something remarkable with their lives. He was featured in SmartCompany’s 2018 ‘Smart30 Under 30’ and is regularly invited to share his unique brand of leadership, creativity, and social entrepreneurship with schools, businesses and conferences across Australia.

Elise Greenwood

Elise Greenwood is the creative visionary and co-founder of Zorali. Elise was born and raised on the Surf coast of Victoria, so it’s in her blood to be outside enjoying nature. Her eye for detail and desire to create led her to a career in art and graphic design, where she landed her dream job at Ripcurl. But when she met (her now husband!) Cam Greenwood, she felt called to a further journey as their shared love for nature dreamed their eco-innovative outdoor brand into existence.

Elise’s greatest passion (besides surfing and design) is using her creative talents to inspire others to step outside and experience the wonder and beauty of the wild. Because she believes that by reconnecting with nature, we also rediscover a part of our humanity.

About Equity Crowdfunding

Under the crowd-sourced funding (CSF) regime, eligible proprietary and unlisted public companies can raise up to $5 million every 12 months from retail (i.e. everyday) investors on a licensed CSF platform (like Birchal).

The crowd sourced funding regime had previously required companies to convert to unlisted public companies before they could raise funds under the regime, but was expanded to include proprietary companies in October 2018.

Australian private companies are typically limited to a maximum of 50 non-employee shareholders. However, under these reforms, investors acquiring shares through a crowdfunding offer are excluded from this cap, allowing private companies to raise funds from potentially hundreds or thousands of investors.

Public companies are estimated to make up less than 0.5% of all companies registered in Australia. So these reforms will dramatically increase the pool of potential companies wanting to raise funds through equity crowdfunding.

About Birchal

Receiving its crowdfunding licence from ASIC in January 2018, Birchal, created by the team behind Pozible, was the most active and successful platform in 2018 – hosting six successful campaigns, including the first two proprietary companies to use the new legislation. The total of successful campaigns has now passed 13.

Birchal’s mission is to help all Australians invest in the brands they love. Matt Vitale, co-founder of Birchal says consumer businesses in particular can maximise the unique features of the equity crowdfunding regime to their advantage.

“By blurring the lines between customers and investors, brands can more successfully incorporate a capital raise to their sales and marketing strategy,” says Vitale.

To learn more about Equity Crowdfunding, check out our latest blog post with some potted history on where it’s been and where it’s going.

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