The Mad Hueys – Product Design Director



 This position is at the head of The Mad Hueys’ Product team.

Under the direction of the General Manager, the successful candidate will provide experience, guidance and inspiration to the Product team to constantly seek out category opportunities, maintain The Mad Hueys’ gritty point of difference in the market, and achieve budgeted sales and profitability targets without compromising quality


We value honest, productive work and this position offers a competitive package including full-time salary and an annual short-term incentive program.

Key Responsibilities

  • Accept work as prioritised and allocated by the General Manager.
  • Lead, motivate and inspire the Product team to achieve agreed department and individual objectives
  • Develop, execute and deliver comprehensive Product Offer for The Mad Hueys
  • Actively manage individual performance of Product Developers and Art Director
  • Manage the Line Planning and Design Work with Marketing Manager to develop and deliver new Category Opportunities
  • Manage Forecasting by Season in line with budgets and existing stock on hand
  • Manage the P&L for The Mad Hueys Product team to ensure expenditure within budget
  • Develop and nurture internal relationships to promote awareness and delivery of outcomes/objectives across the business
  • Provide skills training to new/less experienced colleagues as required.
  • Project a professional image to customers and work colleagues, ensuring appropriate and respectful language and service standards.

To Apply

Submit two (2) pages only. The first is a one-page overview of relevant experience in a similar position. Include references who we can have a yarn with. On the second page, we wanna get examples highlighting your persistency in challenging situations and how you navigated ’em. This can be a mix of personal and professional experiences.

Email both to no later than January 19, 2019.

About The Mad Hueys

 Formed by a group of mates who love to surf, fish and throw back beers. The Hueys are about making the most of every day.

This band of misfits unofficially kicked off in 2012 when the boys made 20 shirts and hats for themselves and close friends as part of the Gold Coast Flatty Classic. Being likeable lads, within a few weeks the phones were ringing and inboxes were full – it seemed plenty of other like-minded people wanted to be a Mad Huey. It’s this connection with other Hueys, sharing a wave, boat, tin and/or shoey with fellow Hueys, that remains the backbone of this business.



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