Inside the New Ocean Haus

Ocean Haus has recently opened it’s doors in Terrigal on the Central Coast of New South Wales.  The coast’s newest surf door is owned by Beau Vanstrattan and industry veteran, Craig ‘Crusty‘ Barrett, and is inspired by the growing global trend of the Surf Shop/Cafe.   But the philosophy of the store does deeper than than just pursuing a retail trend, with both directors looking to re-create the experience they both had with surf shops growing up, but with an added modern twist.

“Beau does everything and I do everything else.” Laughs Crusty.  “That, along with a great team of barista’s, floor staff, friends and family we get what needs to be done, done.”

The Business of Surf had a quick catch up with Craig to find out a little more about the store.

After many years on the road as a rep/agent, Crusty knows what it takes to run a retail store.

What is the vision for the space?

We see Ocean Haus as your local, a place where you are as much a part of the store as the people that run it.

From the novice to the expert we are here to firstly listen, and then offer you the service, knowledge and the guidance you need to enjoy your time in the ocean. If you’re not ready to (buy) or have just come in from a surf, we have a tasty selection of food, coffee and healthy treats on offer while you decide on your next move.

We roast our own BASK coffee and grind it daily on site, so there is always that fresh aroma we all know and love. Like the surf shops we both grew up with, its somewhere you’re welcome to come meet a friend, hang out and talk about your time in the ocean.

Can you describe the store for someone who hasn’t seen it?

It’s a large open space stacked with all kinds of amazing surfboards, from performance short boards to 9’4 handmade resin tinted longboards.

We have a mixture of apparel and accessories from some amazing brands you won’t find everywhere… and some you will. There are home wares, plants, flowers, art pieces and some mesmerizing local and International photographs scattered around the shop that all add to the Ocean Haus experience.

Key brands you stock? – Apparel, Hardgoods, Accessories… 

Hurley, Rip Curl, Burton, Patagonia, Outerknown, Levi’s, Brixton, Captain Fin Co, Salt Gypsy, Atmosea, Volcom

Stacey, Hayden Shapes, Christensen, Sharpeye, SUPER, Simon Anderson, Jerry Lopez, Vouch, Donald Takaiama, Gato Herio, Baker Boards, Serpent Sleds.

MODOM, Octopus, Adelio, KVLD, Futures, FK, QCD, Berkenstock, VANS, Converse, Reef, Raen, EPOKHE, Dragon, Oakley, Ray Ban

AKUBRA, Will & Bear, Pop & Scott, Indosole, Havaiana’s and of course, Sex wax.

We are also working with Awayco as well – we are the only store on central coast and are holding 40 plus boards to either rent or try before you buy.

What was the gap you saw in the central coast market?

With a changing retail market and the presence of the many online platforms, we saw an opportunity to showcase a variety of quality product together in a bricks & mortar location with a personal touch.

We haven’t reinvented the wheel so to speak, as the Surf Cafe concept exists in many locations around the country and overseas.

Ocean Haus is our interpretation of just that, a good Surf shop with a modern twist, inspired by the ones we both grew up hanging out in and relying on for our daily surf fix.

The store can be found at Shop 1/ 5-9 Campbell Crescent, Terrigal, 2260.

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