Creatures of Leisure Release New SUPERLITE Globally

World leading surf hardware company Creatures of Leisure are excited to announce the release of SUPERLITE, a new innovation of lightweight, trustworthy, durable leashes. The Creatures of Leisure SUPERLITE leash is the lightest, most comfortable leash in the world specifically developed with custom materials for a ‘no leash’ feel. The SUPERLITE leash fuses reliable Creatures of Leisure components with the latest technical construction and materials.

Dating back to the first leash prototype in 1976 by John Malloy the Creatures’ founder, the brand has been committed to product innovation. Creatures continues to pioneer advancements through innovative exclusive materials and construction refinements. SUPERLITE brings something new to the market that surfers have never seen or experienced before.

Creatures of Leisure’s Global Surf Team is backing the new leash, and World Tour Surfer Griffin Colapinto is enjoying the SUPERLITE experience, and the added comfort of the newly constructed WT1 Non-Slip Cuff:

“Trust in my equipment means I get to focus on whatever it is I’m working on in the water without distraction. The SUPERLITE leash has done exactly that for me in these past couple months training for ‘CT events.”

SUPERLITE is insanely comfortable on the ankle and feels like there’s nothing attached to my leg, and there’s no drag when paddling.”

Global Brand & Product Manager, Beau Campi feels SUPERLITE brings something reliably advanced to the market, and looks forward seeing surfers enjoy the SUPERLITE experience globally in the coming months:

“The SUPERLITE has definitely redefined what we expect a leash to feel & look like. Our aim was to reduce traditional leash bulk, absorption and weight while keeping strength integrity. This is achieved with a Creatures exclusive interwoven mesh and a water repellent matte film. Fused together we call it WT1 and it’s stronger and lighter. Combined with our tried and trusted urethane cord, DNA Flex connection and secure Non-Slip Cuff this leash hands down is the most reliable and advanced to market.”

After the past year of our elite team testing around the world in all conditions, I’m excited that now it’s out there for all to enjoy. It truly has changed my user experience! “

SUPERLITE, is offered in a Creatures Lite 6, Comp 6 and Pro 6 and across those three offerings is designed to suit a broad range of surf conditions. Lite 6, is meant for small to medium sized waves while the Creatures Pro 6 is the perfect go-to leash for tackling, stronger slightly larger waves around head high.

Creatures of Leisure have developed SUPERLITE to offer three key things for surfers looking for a new leash experience:

Leash Comfort Redefined – Every inch of the SUPERLITE cuff has been carefully considered and designed to be the most flexible, form-fitting cuff surfers have ever seen. Creatures has developed the ergonomic, sculptured and scalloped Elliptical Horn which has been designed using the latest 3D scanning technology. Where the horn meets the cuff is a typical point of discomfort in any regular leash, and Creatures is changing that with SUPERLITE. The Elliptical Horn fits a broad range of ankles with unrivalled comfort and precision.

Uncompromised Strength – Classic, reliable Creatures of Leisure leash components including the patented DNA Flex Mould fused with innovative materials like the WT1 welded mesh, which delivered pound-for-pound the strongest, lightest and most trustworthy leash on the market. Creatures melds 40+ years of innovation with unrivalled reliability.

Lightweight ‘No Leash’ Feel – Engineered using WT1 Welded Mesh, the Creatures leash cuff uses a never before seen cuff material that is developed by and exclusive to Creatures. The TPU coating is extremely lightweight and hard wearing, providing water resistance while in use which reduces weight and maintains strength.

About Creatures of Leisure

In all that we do at Creatures of Leisure – and we’ve been doing it for 32 years now – we strive to meld the lessons of our experience with cutting edge materials and designs to create highly functional, premium quality surf hardware that is built to last. Yallingup, Western Australia is the home and testing ground for Creatures of Leisure products. Located on Western Australia’s wave-rich South West coast, Yallingup and its surrounds has bred some of the world’s best surfers for several generations. The region boasts multiple breaks within a relatively short span of coast, most with a reputation for quality and a power comparable with that of Hawaii. It’s the perfect place to test surf hardware. None of the Creatures of Leisure products hit the market without being given a thorough workout in these waves by our staff and sponsored riders or further afield by members of our international surf team.


Visit our website to learn more about Creatures of Leisure:

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