Westpac and Hayden Cox Combine on Wearable Tech

Hayden and Danielle Cox of Haydenshapes have just revealed an innovative personal design project with Westpac bank.  With the growth of wearable technology rapidly accelerating, it’s a feather in the cap of the Surf industry to be leading the way for the early adopters in this space.

Could this open the door to new a new sub category for accessories in our space?

From the Westpac website:

Whether you prefer an accessory that is subtle, multifunctional or out of sight – you can carry less and wear your money with the Centsitive Objects range of PayWear Accessories.

Designed to securely house a PayWear Card, linked to your existing Westpac everyday bank account, you can tap and pay on the go by simply using your wrist, hat, sleeve, gym towel or even your keys.

The Accessories are an ideal blend of modern, simplistic, stylish and functional.  With four different wearable accessories to choose from there is something for every occasion.  The range is priced between $20 and $30 per Accessory, including GST and shipping.

What is Westpac PayWear?

Westpac PayWear is a chip (PayWear Card) linked to your chosen Westpac everyday bank account which can be inserted into a PayWear Accessory such as a silicone Keeper.  It uses the same contactless technology as your Westpac Debit Mastercard® but gives you the convenience of tapping with your wrist instead of using your debit card or phone to make contactless purchases.  Once you have received your PayWear Card, simply activate it and set a PIN online then remove the chip from the cardholder and insert it into your PayWear Accessory.  Please keep the cardholder secure so you have the card number and expiry date available in case your Westpac PayWear is lost or stolen.

How does Westpac PayWear work?

You can use Westpac PayWear to tap and pay instead of using your Westpac Debit Mastercard® or phone wherever you see the contactless symbol.  The transaction will be debited from your chosen Westpac everyday bank account and for purchases over $100 you will be required to enter your PIN.

The product is available in 4 options:

A stylish multifunctional accessory. Its primary function is a keychain that can be disassembled and worn separately as a waterproof and comfortable wristband.  It’s made in part using eco-friendly ECONYL fabric (recycled nylon spandex) created from discarded fishing nets found littered in the ocean. The Band + Chain is available in black, stone and mineral in large and small sizes.

Its minimalistic design channels a more ‘incognito’ approach to wearing your money. The silicone card holder sits out of sight and comfortably beneath the fabric for subtle and sleek visibility on the exterior. Attach it to items like your hat, sleeve or tote bag. The Incognito Pin comes with four topper options including a black lightning bolt and three half spheres in black, stone and mineral

Featuring the iconic ‘safety pin‘, a common accoutrement of the anti-fashion subcultures of the late 1970’s, the Nostalgia Pin attaches to a range of different items from your hat to your sleeve. The silicone card holder sits out of sight and comfortably beneath the fabric with only the modern matte black iron safety pin visible from the exterior. The Nostalgia Pin is available in black

The comfortable and low profile design of the Slimline Keeper attaches to your watch or fitness band. The Centsitive Patch is a discreet ‘out of sight’ option that can be applied by ironing or sewing it on to the inner fabric surface of a range of different items from your hat to your sleeve. The Slimline Keeper + Centsitive Patch are sold as a set in either black, stone or mineral.

More on the Westpac website here.


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