Behind Hurley’s North Shore World Champ Activation

Hurley’s on ground activation of the #gojohnjohn campaign was one of the best executed we’d seen in some time.  The entire north shore was abuzz with the prospect of their favourite son, John John Florence taking out his second world title – and as we know now, he did so in a dramatic final day of competition at the Billabong Pipeline Masters.

We caught up briefly with Hurley Chief Marketing Office, Jeff Hurley to find out a little more about the campaign roll out.

What was the idea/motivation behind the Go John John activation this year? 

With John John in the lead for the world title race and the opportunity to win it in his own backyard, we really just wanted to help his fans and the local community cheer for their favorite surfer.

It was one of the most impactful, understated and core roll outs we’ve seen.  Was the understated nature of the activation intentional?

Thank you. That is very kind of you to say. If you mean understated for the level of Hurley branding, yes, we were very intentional about not trying to scream Hurley all over everything. The goal was to give to the community and fans the tools to cheer on their hero without making them feel like Hurley was trying to take over everything.

Can you give us the background on the bird artwork?  (the significance of the bird and artist) 

The bird is an Iwa bird, one of the most famed birds in Hawaii (Hale’iwa means home of the Iwa bird) and sort of John’s sprit animal. The Iwa bird is known for it’s graceful flight and is a symbol for prophesy, wayfinding and survival.

It was also one of the most unique colour combinations we’ve seen...

The color scheme is actually from our pre-existing JJF logo that goes on all of our John John Florence signature products. It was a partnership between John John and JP Olson from Hurley who works closely with our athletes on bringing their personalities to life through art and color.

What was the feeling among the stores and vendors when you went around handing out the flags and doing the installations?

Pure stoke! The North Shore community is very passionate about supporting their local hero and  we were just giving them the tools to do so.

And made even more special now by the result!?

Haha, yes. That’s pretty cool too!

Across social media there were so many people wanting to buy the flags etc – will you do a production run on them now JJF has number 2 in the bag? 

No. We did make some championship products to sell that were immediately available on (where we sold out very quickly) and surf shops immediately after John clinched the title, but no plans to sell the flags. Those are special mementos for those who happened to get their hand on them.

Johns WSL Jersey is the number 12. Thats one more world title that Kelly’s 11…. Could it be a prophetic number? 😉

He’s certainly got the talent and time is on his side… That would be amazing. I think, with the new WSL format in 2019, it will be very hard for anyone to put together a run like Kelly did, but, if I was to put my money on anyone to do so, it would definitely be John.

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